GoodTherapists9904Hi, I’m Joe DeAngelis, a psychotherapist in private practice in Lexington, MA.

Live.Love.Work.Play:  It is generally recognized that a person is living well when they have the ability to give and receive love, work productively and engage in play, i.e., fulfilling activity for themselves and with others.  Most people come to see me when they have difficulty in one or more of these areas in life.

People tell me “I want to. . .  have a better marriage, be more assertive, not feel so anxious, get more done at work, control my anger, stop drinking so much, lose weight. . .” and more.  They need help converting their desires into consistent action.

For some, they know what they want, but have a hard time hanging on to the desire.  I help those people figure out what is happening in their thoughts and feelings, as to why their desires slip away again and again and again.  For others, they have a difficult time simply knowing what they want.  So I help them recognize what desire looks and feels like in order to identify their own wants and needs and go after them.

If you need help in one of these areas, I invite you to contact me at 781.862.6404 or at joe.deangelis.licsw@icloud.com.